I am the monster created out of Vivienne Moriarty's mind. She tried to get rid of me but I'm not going anywhere.
(This blog is triggering and NSFW)
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This was the final straw. After hearing Nic’s sobs and wails, after cleaning his wounds, it was time for Jim to have a taste of his own medicine. Victor laughed at the texts, clearly he had no idea what he was in for. Hiding in the shadows that night, his anger still fresh from the events of that day, Victor sent out one last text.

[text] Outside. I have Nicolas. -V

He waited, cloth in hand, for Jim to walk out. It was only suitable for Jim to be captured in the same fashion he captured Nic. Victor did enjoy irony from time to time. The moment he saw the figure appear, he lunged from behind and brought the chloroform soaked fabric over his mouth and nose.

Posted — 1 year ago on December 7, 2012
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